Sunday, 13 October 2013

Girl with a Pearl Earring | Little Black Dress Collection: Part 4

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend.
For the less wealthy and materialistic, pearls are a good alternative.
For the even less wealthy, faux pearls are good enough! Well they're good enough for me, anyway. Faux pearls have the distinction of being completely uniform, with a classy and elegant appearance - always a good match with Little Black Dresses.

I suppose the movie adaptation of Girl with a Pearl Earring needs no introduction. However, the pearl earrings in this post look nothing like the one Scarlett Johansson wears in the movie - I just thought it was a cool name for a pair of earrings. :p

Pardon the lousy attempt at photoshop - white accessories are supremely difficult to photograph and edit. :|
 Classic ivory pearl earrings with a twist -- thin silver chains dangle from the earrings to provide that little bit of glitz and glamour. (They also resemble octopi / alien life-forms. Heehee.)

Item Code & Name: 098 Girl with a Pearl Earring
Price: RM8.00 SALE: RM6 only (25% off, while item remains Available)
Status: Available
Materials: Ivory Pearls, Thin Cable Chain

 What are you waiting for?
BE the girl with a (pair of) pearl earring(s) by emailing me here to purchase them. Heh.

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