Sunday, 6 October 2013

Little Black Dress Collection - Masterpost

I know what you're thinking.

Has this person gone barmy? Has she decided to turn her handmade accessories blogshop into one selling clothes instead? Selling little black dresses, no less?

Not to fear, I have not lost my marbles (or what was left of them anyway). I am not forsaking the ancient art of making accessories for selling clothing. Not that there's anything wrong with selling online clothing. God knows I buy enough clothes online to fill a wardrobe (and more). But I digress.

The point, my friends, of this new collection, is to have accessories that are versatile, that can be worn for various occasions, versatile as the little black dress, if you will. Versatile enough to be worn with your array of little black dresses, if the mood fits. Now that I've overhyped this collection, have a picture:

Focus on the little black dresses in the picture and not the long legs of the models, mmmkay? :p

Posts begin this coming Tuesday.

Part 3: Red and Black

Spot the various song and movie references in the titles. Sometimes I think I like naming my accessories more than I like creating them. Anyone want to hire me as a copywriter? ;)

Have a good week ahead. Be good. Or try. 


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