Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Tranquil Isles - Customised

Hi folks!

Today's post is the continuation of a series of necklaces that have been customised for Felicia, who likes all things asymmetrical and random. :) Today's necklace is quite unique, comprising different beads, crystals, flowers, and filigrees. The colour scheme for this necklace is blue, mint, and white, with inspiration coming from the Peaceful Waters bracelet from the Jars of Clay collection. Since this necklace was inspired by that bracelet, I have expanded on its name and named this creation Tranquil Isles. 

Representing tranquility - silver filigrees, mint and off-white flower cabochons, a white shell teardrop bead, frosted blue and air blue opal chinese crystal doughnuts, shiny white faux pearls, an aquamarine glass bead, and a single aquamarine zigzag-patterned Lun Bawang.
A closeup of the eclectic mix of beads and links that comprise this opera-length necklace. There's something soothing about this colour scheme.

Item Code & Name: 305 Tranquil Isles
Price: RM38.00
Status: [Sold], Not Available
Materials: Aquamarine Zigzag Lun Bawang Bead, Air Blue Opal & Frosted Blue Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Aquamarine Glass Bead, Shiny White Faux Pearls, White Shell Teardrop Bead, Silver Filigrees, Off-White and Mint Dahlia Cabochons
Measurements: Approximately 72cm (including clasp)
I've run out of the off-white dahlias, so if you'd like a remake without the off-white dahlia, this is possible. :)
Hope you're having a tranquil evening / day / week, whenever it is that you're reading this. 

I'll leave you with a song that to me epitomises tranquility - May It Be, from Enya 
(with beautiful snapshots from the epic Lord of The Rings trilogy)

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