Monday, 24 November 2014

Sunday Stylefile #7

(Let's pretend it's still Sunday)

We are nearing the end of November, so it's time for another Sunday Stylefile!

I've always tried to focus on clothing of various colours that match the featured accessory, and this time it's one of my favourite colours - midnight blue. It's such a gorgeous, rich colour - more striking than black, yet just as elegant. All the dresses featured in this particular post, I covet and covet (and have stared at for way too long). But first! Here's the midnight-blue accessory in question - Midsummer Night's Dream:
Midnight blue faux pearls, interspersed with some burgundy for a dash of colour, accompanied by moon and star charms. The dresses below all have midnight blue / navy blue as their base colour, coupled by splashes of colour in their motifs:

On ze left, what could be cuter than this adorable Cupcake-Patterned Dress from Emcee Couture.
In ze middle, look demure and utterly enchanting in this Floral Enchantment Flare Dress from Whitesoot.
On ze right, gear up for a great day out frolicking in gardens with this Flower-Patterned Dress from Hutz Fashion.

*Disclaimer* I own not the images above, they are from the sites that I have credited. I wish I owned the dresses though. :p
Click on the links to go buy them pretty dresses. :)
Since it's sale month till the end of November, I'll one-up the sale and this piece (the only available piece) can be purchased at 30% off - originally RM15, now it is retailing at RM10.50. Let's make that RM10! Woot! Check out more pictures of the bracelet here!
*Once the available piece is sold, all subsequent orders from now till the next Sunday Stylefile will retail at 10% off (i.e. RM13.50). Savvy? :D

Email me at if you'd like to get this!

With that, I'll bid you adieu.
Have a good week ahead, folks. 

Much love,

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