Saturday, 8 November 2014

Bold & Brassy - Collection Masterpost

Those who are familiar with Dainty Little Trinkets will know a few things:
1. The creator of this site / the creator of these trinkets is extremely verbose, and quite neurotic. 
2. The posts on this blog are relatively regular because, as mentioned above, being the neurotic person that she is, she is fixated on order and sticking to "The Plan". Proof of neuroticism? Talking about oneself in third person. D:
3. This site features trinkets with crystals, pearls, and charms with antique silver fixings, with the occasional bit of lace and suede thrown into the mix

Well that, my friends, is about to change!

Well, not all of it:
1. I am probably going to be as verbose and neurotic as I've ever been. Case in point: this post.
2. The posts are still going to be regular because of the traits mentioned in point 1.
3. This! This is changing! Allow me to elaborate, or skip reading... whichever you prefer. :p

With the introduction of this Bold & Brassy collection, we are venturing into something new! I've only ever always bought antique silver charms and fixings... but recently decided to buy some stuff in antique brass, because some charms were too cute to resist and didn't come in antique silver! So yeah, this is not a complete overhaul of my predominantly silver "philosophy"... just that occasionally, there shall be some brass thrown into the mix, hence the Bold & Brassy collection!  

Mind you, this site is still called Dainty Little Trinkets, so it's not like my style will change and it's not like the trinkets will suddenly be all bold and shocking and... brassy... Haha. Posts start tomorrow, which I am extremely excited about! YAY :)

Part 3: Mockingjay
Part 5: Lovebirds

Spot some familiar book references? Hehehe no prizes for guessing why I'm excited now. 

See you soon, folks, and hope you enjoy the new collection!

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