Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Pre-Christmas Sale

Hello hello...

It's one month till Christmas, one month till the holidays, one month till we call in a new year. Who's excited for 2015? :D

I've been doing a lot of online shopping lately (it's an uncontrollable addiction. it's a terrible affliction). There are SALES EVERYWHERE. How am I supposed to control myself?! *flails* SO ANYWAY, I've decided to pay it forward with a pre-Christmas sale of my own!

Insert shiny picture here

The graphic is so pretty. I wish I could say I made it. Sadly I have no such skills and have had to resort to piracy. :p

So yeah about this sale...
From now till the end of November 2014, all available items will be 25% off.

Some terms and conditions (please read ok! attention to detail is v. v. important in life):

1. Once available items are sold, they will revert to their original, non-discounted price. (I may not always be able to update their status on this blog immediately. So always enquire to see if someone beat you to it.)

2. You have to like the Dainty Little Trinkets facebook page to be eligible for this discount! (please let me know your FB username and in the offchance that I can't see that you've liked the page, I may ask you to provide a screenshot. :) Please don't "unlike" the page after, as that will make me sad)

3. This discount is not valid for items that are already on clearance / other discounts. The sale that has better value for the customer will take precedence! (e.g. if you check the clearance label, you will see RED text indicating the new clearance prices of the item. Obviously I cannot give you another 25% off this price lah... if I do, I would earn peanuts. (I'm already earning peanuts, heehee)).

So yes, that has been a very long and detailed (and overly cheong-hei) terms and conditions post. 

Any questions? Just email me at

Start shopping now and browse the available items ~* here *~

 In the meantime, I'll be doing some half-crazed online shopping of my own. :)

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