Monday, 30 September 2013

For Linda

Today is my friend Linda's birthday, so naturally, this post is dedicated to her, featuring a bracelet I made for her. :) Since she's off vacationing in East Malaysia, I've already given her her present, and thus can post this bright and early! 

(At 8am, no less! This is a first.)

Lin's favourite colour is lime green, so I was super excited that I had a lime-green dahlia cabochon that I could include in a bracelet design.
 A trio of dahlia cabochons on dainty silver filigrees = lime green, turqouise and forest green, flanked by alternating aquamarine and sea-green crystals.
 I love the vibrance of this piece. Since I tend to be all about the dark sombre shades or sweet pastels, bright, rich-toned accessories are quite fun to make. Also, they're definitely eye-catching when adorning one's wrists.
Status: Not Available
Materials: Dahlia Cabochons, Aquamarine and Sea Green Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Made With Love Charm
Check out other accessories with dahlia cabochons in the Daisies and Dahlias Collection!

Happy birthday Lin, may the year ahead bring you lots of exciting adventures and overflowing joy and contentment your lovely little family. :)

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