Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Dazzling Dahlias | Daisies and Dahlias Collection: Part 1

Whee I am excited about this new collection! ◕‿◕✿

With this Daisies and Dahlias collection, I am introducing a new concept to this blogshop - Made to Order.
This means that while some items I am showcasing will be readily available, the same design can be made in different colours as and when I receive an order. 

"Huh?" *confused reader scratches head because lousy blogger does not explain things well*
"How does this differ from customisation?", you say.
(Or these could just be voices in my head, I dunno (⊙ヮ⊙) <-- deranged face)

Well the difference is that I've already planned a few colour variations for the same design, so if you so happen to prefer say, lime green over emerald green, that option is there for you. Choices, choices. More choices = always good, no? ✿◠‿◠

The first installment is a pair of earrings that I am rather fond of - Dazzling Dahlias:

 A pair of vintage pink Dahlia cabochons on silver filigrees, and a little bit of dazzle from the peach crystal teardrops.
 I love the soft, dated look of the vintage pink cabochons. I also love the intricacy of the petals - they very much resemble actual dahlias! ❀

The pair above is readily available, and for more colour variations, please look at the picture below:
Item Code & Name: 076 Dazzling Dahlias
Price: RM17.00
1. Vintage Pink Dahlias + Peach Crystal Teardrops - [Sold], Not Available
2. Peach Dahlias + Peach Crystal Teardrops - Made to Order
3. Lime Green Dahlias + Forest Green Crystal Teardrops - Made to Order
4. Teal Green Dahlias + Emerald Green Crystal Teardrops - [Sold], Not Available
Materials: Dahlia Cabochons, Silver Filigrees, Chinese Crystal Teardrops

Hope the above is somewhat clearly articulated. If you have any questions, please email me! :)
Also, just to note that only one pair is available for each colour-theme, so hurry hurry before someone beats you to it! 

Next up - Darling Dahlias - this Thursday. ❀

Au Revoir~

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