Saturday, 14 September 2013

Dangling Dahlias | Daisies and Dahlias Collection: Part 3

Ahhh the beginning of long weekends - best feeling ever. 

You may have guessed from the title that this 3rd installment of the Daisies and Dahlias collection features a pair of dangly earrings! It may be apparent to some regular readers that I am quite fond of the concept of twin dangling chains of asymmetrical length, as featured here and here. Being a creature of habit, I have of course made dahlia cabochon earrings with the same design (or does that just mean I'm lazy? Haha).

 Cherry red dahlia cabochons and asymmetrical dangling chains capped off with jet black and ruby red chinese crystal doughnuts. For those who'd like a gothic/bombshell look for the day. *Rawrrrrr*
 Again, this design comes in multiple colour themes, all with limited availability. When I say limited availability, I mean I only have a pair of each dahlia cabochon, so it will be the one and only pair in the world! That is hyperbole. Possibly. ❀
Item Code & Name: 078 Dangling Dahlias
Price: RM17.00
1. Cherry Red Dahlias + Jet Black and Ruby Red Chinese Crystal Doughnuts - [Sold], Not Available
2. Mint Green Dahlias + Pale Green and Frosted Green Chinese Crystal Doughnuts - Made to Order
3. Sunny Yellow Dahlias + Honey Topaz and Gold Chinese Crystal Doughnuts - Not Available
4. Brilliant Blue Dahlias + Jet Black and Cobalt Blue Chinese Crystal Doughnuts - Not Available
Materials: Dahlia Cabochons, Silver Filigrees, Chinese Crystal Doughnuts

I understand that it is probably difficult to make a decision to purchase a pair of earrings that you can't picture yet. Like, exactly what do I mean by "frosted green" or "honey topaz"? What do those colours even mean? Are they a figment of my overactive imagination? Hehe. 

So if any of them pique your interest, and you'd like to see a picture, just drop me a line @ and I'll get right on it!

Tomorrow's post will be a little different - stay tuned for Dainty Dahlias

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