Sunday, 4 August 2013

Dainty Little Flowers Collection - Masterpost

Happy Sunday people! 
(Or what's left of it, anyway. I am firmly in denial about the reality of tomorrow. Monday? What's that?)

So this little blog of mine has seen 3 collections so far:

We've gone from dark and sombre midnight shades to bright and colourful rainbow tones to statements that are the best representations of yourself, and serve to inspire and encourage. What next?

I thought it was time for something whimsical and flowery - one can never go wrong with the addition of some dainty little flowers to their dainty little trinkets, yeah? ✿ ♥‿♥

Starting from Tuesday, this blog will showcase a series of handmade accessories with little flowers in different colours, complimented by beads and links and all sorts of things. (That rhymed. Well, sort of.)

Part 1: Blue Blossoms
Part 2: Lush Lavender
Part 3: Pink Peonies
Part 4: Minty Meadows
Part 5: Peach Petals

Notice the alliteration in the trinket names? Heehee, amusing meself again.
Ok, signing off for some rest before Manic Monday dawns upon us. 

Take care people, and see you Tuesday!

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