Saturday, 24 August 2013

Dreaming of the Sea Collection - Masterpost

Hello weekend - never leave me!

 Sometimes when work gets a little too hectic, or when life gets a little too much, we all long for a little weekend getaway, to escape the routine and hustle-bustle of city life, and head towards the sea.

I love sea-side holidays, and often am struck with the desire to visit the sea and contemplate life and all its beauty. This coming collection is a tribute to that. 

There is something infinite and all-encompassing about the ocean. When you stand alone on the seashore, looking out into the vast blue expanse of the ocean, you are reminded of how small you are, how insignificant your daily worries and challenges can be in the face of the ocean's magnificence, in the face of the beauty of this world. 

Hopefully this collection can reflect a little bit of that. If you too, like me, love the sea and all it stands for, I hope you will enjoy the coming pieces. First post starts tomorrow (Sunday). :)

Part 1: Seachelles
Part 2: Seafarer
Part 4: Under the Sea
Part 5: District 4

(If you are wondering if Part 5 is a Hunger Games reference, you've guessed correct! More to be revealed later.)

Enjoy your Saturday and I'll see you tomorrow! 


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