Saturday, 3 August 2013

Ivy-Rose - Customised

Quick drive-by post today, with something a little different.

My friend Ivy (for whom I previously made this handphone charm) wanted a pair of asymmetrical earrings, so I happily obliged. Since I'm quite anal-retentive and still prefer that things are somewhat symmetrical or at least matching, the end result is here:

 Alternating ivory and rosaline pearls and little flower links arranged in different positions of each earring. Asymmetrical enough to be quirky, but not so different that it's outlandish. (At least I think so lah, haha)
 Named Ivy-Rose because of the Ivory and Rosaline pearls - also coincidentally my friend's name, which is amusing to me (and probably only me). :)

Item Code & Name: 060 Ivy-Rose
Price: RM8.00 
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Ivory and Rosaline Faux Pearls, Antique Silver-Plated Flower Links

Hope you like!

Happy Saturday, y'all. :)

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