Sunday, 2 June 2013

For Ivy

Wheeeee quick drive-by post again.

My friend and colleague Ivy had some loose swarovski crystals left from some previously-broken accessory, and so passed them to me to "rework" into a new handphone charm. Here's the result:
 She's a fan of pink and a fan of pearls and a fan of asymmetry, so here you have a pink, pearly handphone charm with two asymmetrical strands. I absolutely adore the flower bead - can't wait to work it into some other pretty, dainty trinket creation. :3 

Here it is, with my iPhone making a special appearance.

Status: Not Available
Materials: Rosaline and Ivory Faux Pearls, Flower Bead, Rose and Crystal Swarovski Elements

On another note, I watched an informative youtube tutorial on how to photoshop white backgrounds. It is awesome, and time-saving, and I'm convinced it's almost magic. What would we do without youtube, honestly. What would we do without the vast Intrawebz?! 

Till next time! Toodles~

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