Thursday, 18 July 2013

Personalised Statement Bracelets Collection - Masterpost

The time has come for yet another new collection!
I can't help it, I like it when things come in neat little matching themes. Heh.

This collection is a little different - it's a little bit more personal, a little bit more tailored to each individual. 

So what's in a Statement Bracelet? 
Do allow me to elaborate. And elaborate I will, in an overtly effusive and long-winded manner. :p

A glance through this blog will clue you in to the fact that I am extremely verbose person. I love WORDS. Words are powerful things - they can build up, appreciate and encourage; they can completely and utterly decimate and ruin; they can extol and praise and love and inspire; they can convince, and change, and empower.

So it's only natural that Words have bled into my accessory-making too! During my numerous bead/charm browsing/shopping experiences, I have been particularly attracted to beads and charms with words on them, some of which have already featured in my designs (e.g. Girl on Fire / Sweet Hearts ).

So each dainty bracelet in this range will feature "words" and aim to make a statement - be it as a reminder and encouragement to the wearer, or to show appreciation to someone. First post begins tomorrow (Friday 19 July), so stay tuned!

Part 2: Contentment
Part 3: Inspiration
Part 5: Set Sail

More importantly: CUSTOMISATION is possible! The bracelets above have all already been tailored to different individuals with their different hopes and dreams and life experiences. So if you like a statement but would prefer a different design, or like a particular statement bracelet, but would like a different colour theme -- customisation is only an email away!

I shall look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas on this range and how to make a bracelet special and personal for you, or for a loved one you want to give it to. :)

And this has been the longest intro post in the history of mankind, so I shall end here. Goodnight and I'll be back tomorrow!

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