Monday, 12 January 2015

Couple Keychains

Weekend over! :(
Hope your Monday wasn't too blue.
This'll be a short post, just because.

(There's been a pattern of short posts lately, huh? I promise I'll return to my long, verbose self sometime soon. Not that you want that. Haha!)

Here are more Christmas pressies for my friends. This time, for two old friends who are in happy relationships that everyone should aspire to. :D So I made them keychains with the happy couples' initials on them. :)
 For Jane and Sam, and Brenda and Will. :)
These antique silver-plated keychains have the couples' initials on them, with little celtic heart and celtic square beads as representations of the individuals, and a reminder to always live, laugh, and love.

Item Code & Name: 339 Couple Keychain
Price: RM14.00
Status: Available for remakes 
Materials: Celtic Heart Bead, Celtic Diagonal Square Bead, Alphabet Charms, "Live Laugh Love" Charm

 If you'd like to customise this for yourself and your significant other, I'm just an email away.

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