Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Spotlight - Antique Brass

Helloooo, I'm in Singapore for work, so this is a pre-planned spotlight post. 

Antique brass trinkets haven't been introduced to this blog for all that long, but I think there have been some pretty cool ones. Here are some of them:

(Click on the names of the accessories to go to the original posts for more info and pictures.)
 Deathly Hallows (RM22)
 Lovebirds (RM15)

 Vintage Rose (RM11)

 Baroque (RM10)

I really do love the charms and links featured in the trinkets above. If you like antique brass trinkets, check out more here!

 That's all for now.
If you don't receive a response soon, it could be coz I'm travelling yeah. :)
Will be back on Thursday!

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