Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sunday Stylefile #10

Long time no see!

Let's pretend that it's still February, and that it's still Sunday, for I have missed posting last month's Sunday Stylefile! I've been busy with family time, as the little bro has only just left the country for the Land Down Under (again). 

Today's Stylefile focuses on a colourful little trinket because everyone needs a little colour in the routine that is life, yeah? Here's Freedom -
Shiny rainbow faux pearls, a sparrow link, and a wish charm - this colourful thing can brighten up your wardrobe. I've matched them with equally vibrant and pretty pieces of clothing... all with various colourful rainbow shades -

On ze left, be the brightest and cheeriest in the room with this Rainbow Striped Dress from Whitesoot. (seems to be missing from the website right now, unfortunately!)
In ze middle, go for the casual and trendy look when you don this Rainbow Brushstrokes Tunic from Dressabelle.
On ze right, look dreamy and whimsical in this pretty and flowy Blue-Pink Gradient Dress from Emcee Couture.

*Disclaimer* I own not the images above, they are from the sites that I have credited. 
Click on the links to go buy them pretty clothes. :)
 The Freedom bracelet can be purchased at 10% off from now till the next Sunday Stylefile post. Originally RM15, it''ll now cost RM13.50. Check out more pictures of the bracelet here!


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