Wednesday, 11 March 2015

For Ivy

This is a belated birthday shoutout to Ivy, who celebrated her birthday early this month. :)

Ivy is getting married soon as well, so this birthday gift was made for her with one of the most important events in her life (or more like a journey, since it is a neverending one, hehe) in mind. Love is a many splendoured thing, it is patient, it is kind... all you need is love, love is all you need (this is me quoting all the songs and bible verses that immediately come to mind). 

So this is a birthday gift to Ivy - wishing her lots of love, and joy, and adventures in this momentous year!
An asymmetrical necklace, because Ivy is a fan of the quirky and asymmetrical, with an adjustable Swarovski Heart pendant, adjusted by moving the chain up and down the Believe ring at the centre. 

 A close up of the ever-stunning Swarovski heart in rich red, which is accompanied by a clover link and a deep red chinese crystal doughnut. The Believe ring is one of my more recent finds, and I love it quite a bit. :)

Item Code & Name: 379 Chérie
Price: RM21.00
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Believe Ring, Deep Red Chinese Crystal Doughnut, Clover Link, Red Swarovski Heart
Measurements: Approximately 44cm (including clasp), drop = 4cm (length adjustable to whatever you want it to be!)

This necklace is made in the same vein as the Eternal Flame, Eternal Winter and Royale necklaces, so check them out by clicking on them names!

All orders/enquiries can be sent to

That's all for now...
AI VEE WHY if you're reading this... love you long time! :p <3

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