Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Let me tell you a grandma story.

Once upon a time, when I was studying in the land down under, my housemate Esther had a knack for hand-making knick knacks. One of the things she'd like to do was make earrings, and I, much like fish are attracted to shiny things, was intrigued. Went for an earring-making class, even. Created nooby monstrosities that probably should not see the light of day. And much like a fish with short-term memory, I promptly forgot about it (though I continued to be attracted to shiny little things (dainty little trinkets, if you will)). 

Anyway (See I told you it was a grandma story).

Flash forward many years later (I weep at how many years it's been), me and a bunch of girlfriends decided to go on a relaxing weekend retreat to The Shorea, which is a middle-of-nowhere, commune-with-nature kinda resort. One of my friends, Elaine, is well-stocked in pretty beads and various charms and earring findings, and well-learned in the art of jewelry making. So we spent our night fumbling with pliers, squinting at beads in lamplight (I believe The Shorea believes in romantic ambience), dodging many a moth and wasp, creating earrings and bracelets, and it was SO MUCH FUN! (Eek I think caps do not go with the ~ambience of this blog...)

Was there a point to this story? Getting there, I promise!

I'm itching to make more things. I'm constantly looking online at pretty beads and charms. It is so deeply entrenched in my subconscious that I had a few dreams about it. So this idea was born - make some dainty little trinkets, blog about it, and hopefully some people will see them, and think them pretty enough to want to own them. Not gonna sell at high prices, just enough to fund this latest obsession wholesome hobby.

Ok verbal diarrhea over! (The word diarrhea probably also interferes with the ~ambience of this blog)

 Here I am to share my first bracelet creation, which I have pretentiously named "Wisteria".
 Why Wisteria, you ask? For the lone purple flower charm on this silver chain, and for the general pink-purple hues of this piece. According to ehow.com: "The flower can symbolize creative expansion and spontaneity, though it also reminds us of what happens when we leave those qualities unchecked." So that's kinda symbolic for this little adventure I'm embarking on, while also serving as a reminder not to venture so deep that I completely live in the land of swarovski bicones and czech fire polished glass beads and flower cabochons and silver filigrees aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. I'm not obsessed, you're obsessed!

I especially love the "made with love" charm, though those words could also be substituted with "made with fat thumbs and clumsy fingers". Ok girl, be dainty and cute, not brash and pun-tastic, please!

That's all for now. <3

Status: Not Available

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