Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bubbly Baubles!

My friend had a stash of these bright little baubles in assorted colours, which I fell in love with at first sight. I simply had to use them to form some sort of dangly earring, and here's the final product:

Fun fact: Under the warm lamplight in The Shorea, I initially thought that the bead on top (the green one) was pale blue. So the initial colour palette was supposed to be pinkish/purply/blue - twas quite the surprise to wake up in the morning to find that it was green instead. :p Nevertheless, I quite like the resulting colour combo, which is unconventional and quirky, much like the beads themselves.

In other news, I went bead-shopping with my Shorea retreat girlfriends on Saturday. Braved the scary roads of KL and the horrendously hot sun, and damn was it worth it. I wanted to buy everything. Obviously had to exercise a little self-control, but yay! Now I have supplies and can make and post more new stuff! These are exciting times. 

Status: Not Available
Materials: Pale Green, Pink, Fuchsia and Purple Stone Beads

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