Friday, 24 May 2013

Snow Sprites

Woot woot we've come to the last of the jewelry that I made in The Shorea! 

I really adore this one - friend had a collection of paper flowers, and I really wanted to use them. Came up with this cute little design that almost makes the flowers look like little skirts for the "snow people" the white and mint-blue pearls are supposed to represent.

Funfact: the alternative name to these earrings was gonna be "Crossdressing Snowmen". Heehee. I'm the only one who finds myself amusing, I know. o.o
Ah I love this shot. The flowers are so pretty! Delicate, though - hopefully the paper flowers will last, for I will surely mourn when my snow sprites lose their little flower skirts.

Next up - the pearl and amethyst bracelet I made for mummy with beads I bought from my very first bead shopping experience! :D :D :D

Status: Not Available
Materials: Mint-Blue and White Faux Pearl Beads, Mint-Blue Paper Flowers

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