Tuesday, 28 May 2013

For Mummy

I absolutely adore wholesale bead shopping. Could literally spend the entire day poring through the contents of online bead shops and actual bead shops. So I kinda went nuts last weekend:
So pretty so pretty so pretty aaaaaaah! *___*

Ahem. Anyway... armed with my stash of pearls and crystals and tools and various findings, I proceeded with my very first project -- to use some of the amethyst beads from mummy's previously broken bracelet to make a new one for her! As I was mixing and matching colours, I particularly loved the way the light silver, dark gray and bright purple pearls looked together. Matched 8mm pearls with the smaller amethyst beads and voila! There you have it, easy as pie.
 It's a shame that the purple of the bracelet isn't more obvious - for some reason, the colours aren't as vibrant on camera. In reality, the amethyst beads are a murky purple, and every 3rd pearl is a brilliant, shiny purple.
If you squint, you can see my camera reflected in each pearl. Heh.

Now mummy has a classy, glamorous bracelet to go with her dinner outfits, and her beads have been put to good use. I love recycling old jewelry like that. Fun and productive. :D

Status: Not Available
Materials: Purple, Silver and Dark Gray Faux Pearl Beads, Amethyst Beads, Made with Love Charm and Heart Clasp

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