Monday, 13 May 2013


I have a love-hate relationship with birds. On one-hand, I love what they represent - freedom and flying without bounds - and I love their sweet little trills and pretty feathers. On the other hand, waaaaay too many close encounters / near encounters of the poop-falling-from-the-sky kind. Spent my trip to Alcatraz in San Fran shielding my head with a hoodie and flinching when birds flew overhead (which was ALL the time).

Note to self: You don't always have to start of these posts with random ridiculous accounts of your everyday life. Also for the umpteenth time, your subject matter probably doesn't do anything for the ~ambience of this blog. Also, what does this have to do with anything?
Yes, birds! I may avoid birds like plague in real life, but I do adore birds in print and motif and trinkets. They make for such pretty blouses and quirky t-shirts and now, earrings! Another pair made at The Shorea - this is the first pair I worked on on that fateful night.

 There's a little swirl on one side of the bird, and wings on the other, as you can see above. They're so cute! I also love the bright brilliant blue of that first round faceted chinese crystal.

Status: Not Available
Materials: Blue and Clear Faceted Chinese Crystals, Black Faux Pearls, Bird Bead.

How do people who sell jewelry on a regular basis think of cool, quirky names for all of their designs? Surely they must run out of ideas. In an awesome display of lack of creativity, I have named this creation "Birdy". Which brings me to the end of the post, and I shall end with a song by Birdy, who is an amazingly talented young singer with such a smooth, wistful tone of voice and a knack for singing lovely emo songs that tug at your heartstrings. Here she is with "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight". Apt, for this late hour.

 Good night, world.

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