Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Spotlight - Double-Chained

Yo yo yo!

This is probably the most ghetto my blog has ever been, bro!

Haha, if you're wondering whether I've lost my mind, the answer is no. My mind was lost a long long time ago. :p If you're wondering what possessed me to post a picture of 2 Chainz (is that actually 2 Chainz? I have no idea. Is his name two-chains or two-chainz or 2-chainz?)... well, in this picture, 2 chainz/two-chains/two-chainz is indeed wearing two chains. Two very bling, very in-your-face gold chains. Which brings me to today's spotlight post - double-chained trinkets!

(I know, I know, my mind works in mysterious ways). 

Here are some much less bling and IMHO daintier and prettier two-chained trinkets - click on the name of the trinket to go to the original posts!)
 Dusty Spring (RM16)
 Vintage Romance (RM20)
 Mystique (RM20)
Where Your Treasure Is (RM32)

So if you'd fancy some two-chainz for yourself, dawg, just hit me up at

(In Japan right now, so replies may take a few days, depending on whether or not I have internet!)

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