Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Nightingale Anklet - Customised


I am back from the land of the rising sun (and freezing cold), and I am missing Japan something fierce. The food, oh the food, I will think about you all the days of my life. *___* I saw some beads and crystals when I was there too, but they were too expensive so I gave them a miss. Had to save so I could splurge on food, food, and more food!

Anyway, enough about Japan. 

Here's something I customised for Winnie, who requested that this Nightingale bracelet be made into an anklet! So it's basically an extended version of the bracelet, lengthened to fit one's ankle. I still think this is one of my favourite designs that I have ever made because it is so pretty in its simplicity. :)
 A swallow link flanked by dainty silver faux pearls and clover links, with a Sing charm at the end.
 This measures at about 20cm with a 3cm extender chain, so I'm guessing Winnie has really small ankles. Here's a shot of the anklet on my rather stumpy leg, featuring my lovely parquet floor. Haha. 

Item Code & Name: 354 Nightingale (Anklet)
Price: RM16.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Silver Faux Pearls, Clover Links, Silver-Clear Chinese Crystal Teardrop, Swallow Link, Sing Charm
Measurements: Approximately 20cm (including clasp) + 3cm extender chain

That's all for now, folks!

If you like this design, check out two other incarnations of it here (with Swarovski Hearts!) and here (in red!).

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