Tuesday, 30 September 2014

For Lin

Hola amigos!

It is the end of September and the crazy-busy period in my workplace has settled a little (still crazy, but more manageable) so the hiatus shall end here and posting will resume effective today! Yay!

Have you missed me? Haha. I've definitely missed this little corner of the Internet where I can unleash my random musings and nonsensical ramblings. It's good to be back!

Today. 30 September, also happens to be the birthday of my friend and colleague Lin. :)
 I made her this long neckace that she can wear over her tudung or under her tudung, however she fancies!
A long necklace peppered with flower filigrees, flower links, circle links, silver-black chinese crystal doughnuts and black faux pearls with gold / silver swirls. Gaya. Mutu. Keunggulan. :p
 A close up of the various links and crystals and beads in this necklace. My favourite would be intricate flower filigree. J'adore.

 This shot ain't the nicest, but it's just to give you an idea of the necklace length! Here it looks super symmetrical - wear it asymmetrically for some flair~!

Item Code & Name: 293 Nocturne
Price: RM37.00
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Black Faux Pearls with Gold / Silver Swirls, Silver-Black Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Flower Filigrees, Flower Links, Circle Links
Measurements: Approximately 115cm

At 115cm, this is the longest necklace I have ever made! :)
Check out some previous long necklaces here and here

If you'd like a remake, just email me at daintylittletrinkets@gmail.com
 Lin Lin, hope you had a wonderful birthday holiday and an amazing birthday today with your lovely family! See you at work tomorrow (haha!) :D

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